SET of 5 Citroen DS3 WRC Gravel transkit

SET of 5 Citroen DS3 WRC Gravel transkit


Transkit to convert tarmac DS3 WRC to gravel spec. It features full detailed new suspensions with separate springs, gravel brakes and brake pads!
Of course, included are fully threaded 5 tires and rims, all comes in specular designs. Center caps for rims are created with a split center spring, to add that little extra detail. Insert carefully and it will act like a real spring.


It will allow an easy conversion for Heller kit, and can be adapted to IXO diecasts (require lower suspension struts to be created from scratch.


Set includes:

5 gravel rims

2 gravel tires left

2 gravel tires right

1 spare tire

1 set of center caps+springs

2 left brake disds

2 right brake discs

4 brake pads

2 front suspensions

2 rear suspensions

2 front suspension springs

2 rear suspension springs

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